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HZET-BBT Series Battery Discharge Capacity Tester

HZET-BBT Series Battery Discharge Capacity Tester

Details :

HZET-BBT Series Battery Discharge Capacity Tester

Functional characteristics

L Using monomer monitoring module: compatible with 2V/3.2V/6V/12V monomer voltage monitoring

Multi-unit monitoring: Each wireless monitoring module can monitor four units at the same time. Compared with the traditional one-to-one method, it can save cost and improve efficiency greatly.

Off-line/on-line discharge test for multiple batteries: simultaneous measurement of actual discharge current for multiple batteries

L On-line compensatory discharge function: On-line discharge, host display current = battery group discharge current = host internal false load current + actual load current, because on-line discharge actual load current will change with the change of on-line voltage, host internal false load battery will automatically adjust to ensure that the battery has been discharged in a real constant current mode.

The threshold of single unit voltage shutdown can be set in many sections: many backward cells can be found in a continuous uninterrupted discharge test. Support and connect several compact constant current expansion modules to meet the needs of larger discharge current. The host can control the constant current module to start and stop at the same time.

Using aeronautical alloy electrothermal components: low power consumption, high safety factor, small size and light weight

Discharge current automatic calculation function: built-in hourly rate discharge coefficient, according to the nominal capacity of the battery under test and the required discharge rate to automatically calculate the required discharge current

Real-time detection and display of individual voltage: the change track of individual voltage histogram is displayed on the host screen, and the highest and lowest voltage units are automatically and real-time presented.

L Discharge Parameter Preset Function: Allow up to 8 commonly used discharging parameter settings to be built in beforehand

L Intelligent Discriminant Program: The host computer can automatically judge whether the unit monitoring is clip falling off or reaching the threshold, avoiding the interruption of discharge process by human and other unexpected factors.

Large-capacity memory: It can store multiple groups of discharge data and support management actions such as viewing, analyzing and deleting historical discharge data.

Flexible power supply mode: AC and DC power supply mode, wider applicability

Perfect data analysis software: can display single voltage, single resistance bar diagram, total voltage curve, current curve, capacity bar diagram, data table and so on at the same time, can automatically generate EXCEL format report forms, easy to test data transmission or upload.

L Super Touch Screen: 5.7 inch Super Touch Screen, simpler operation