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HZET Series High Precision Charger

HZET Series High Precision Charger

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HZET Series High Precision Charger

Instruments for Capacity Discharge Test

In order to keep the battery active, it is necessary to conduct a full capacity discharge test every year. However, there is a huge voltage difference between the discharged battery and other batteries, which may cause a huge spark or lead to the fuse of the connecting rod. It is better to recharge the batteries with intelligent charging equipment of the battery pack, and then recombine after eliminating the voltage difference between the batteries.

HZET series chargers adopt modern advanced power electronics technology and intelligent micro-processing technology, cooperate with computer data processing software, intelligent control of battery charging process. The use of PWM switching power supply technology has the advantages of high efficiency, small size and simple operation. It can effectively reduce the work intensity of maintenance personnel, improve the efficiency of maintenance and testing, reduce the cost of enterprises, and provide a comprehensive and scientific detection means for storage battery packs.

Functional characteristics

L Wide Voltage Design: Charging voltage can be "zero" start-up, up to 800V, to meet the charging needs of all types of batteries.

Support customization: charging voltage, charging current, output voltage levels can be customized according to the actual needs of users

Highly intelligent: as long as the basic parameters of the battery pack are input, the charging parameters are automatically set. The floating charge voltage, current and time can be independently controlled. Automatic identification of charging condition, automatic conversion of all charging and floating charging

Alarm settings of voltage, current, battery temperature and abnormal power supply can be set to protect the safety of batteries and the unit.

It has functions of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, output short circuit, anti-back protection and over-heat protection.

Using wave width modulation technology, high power factor, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, can be used in electric power room

L Charging output current is continuously adjustable, digital panel input

It can operate independently or in parallel.

With the function of voltage and current calibration and correction, the measurement value can be calibrated and corrected to ensure the measurement accuracy.